Peace and Love is not a fashion!

Peace and Love is not a fashion, it is an ignorant remover that gladdens the earth space and makes you and I a realization for another day.

“How many times have you seen the birds fly on bye? How many times have you seen me cry? How many times have you expressed your love to me, saying there’s just not enough flowers for thee? How many times, how many times?” (1)

“You’ve got to be moving on – maybe you love me and that’s the truth!!!” (1).

Another method to hold our hands – outstreached for you and you and you.

You are “my friends until the end. You are my joy, you are my youth – you are my friends, ’til the end.” (2).

“Head over heels for you – and you’re melting my heart – it’s true. Why have I not seen this beauty before now…” (2)

“Long have I hid behind my eyes. Oh! My heartaches, Oh! my heartbreaks…
Your hands are healing, your body so warm…look at all the stars in the sky.” (2).

“We will always be together, but if we’re not…I can remember too, your eyes how they sparkle, your hair how it shines…” (2).

“Your hands are healing…” (2)

“Most tender love…head over heels for you.” (2)
“Yes, I’m head over heels for you…you’re melting my heart it’s true…head over heels for you.” (2).

Love is deeper, love is pure…peace is fleeting so capture it. When you attain LOve, it is our gain.

Lyrics provided by two songs composed by Lyle K’ang, ‘Head Over Heels For You, 2006 (2).’ and ‘How Many Times, 1974 (1).’ (c) 2006 Lyle K’ang



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