Off-topic… wedding/honeymoon

Hey everyone… just wanted to let everyone know I’ll be absent from the blog for a few weeks — I’m getting married on Saturday (yea!!!:) and then we’re going to Aruba for 9 days on our honeymoon… I’ll catch up and share pictures when we get back!

-Amy K. (soon to be Amy G.:)



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3 Responses to “Off-topic… wedding/honeymoon”

  1. Nina said:

    Amy, how exciting! I can’t believe how quickly that year and a half went by. May you have a long and happy life together, and may your day be all you hope for. We’ll miss you. Please do post photos when you return.

  2. Michael Ramirez said:

    Congratualtions! you have been such a good friend. I hope you have fun.


  3. peacefreak said:

    Hurray Amy!! That is so groovy!! Enjoy your honeymoon and tell us all about it when you return.


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