Off-topic – wedding pictures

Hey HAIRy friends:) I know it’s off-topic but I’ve know some of you for so long, I have to share…..

I got a chance to upload some pictures from the rehearsal and wedding.Â Â under “wedding”

There will be lots and lots more after the honeymoon!!! (I think I’ll need to devote literally an entire day to pictures:) No complaints here, though… I’m already having wedding withdrawl.. hee hee:)



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4 Responses to “Off-topic – wedding pictures”

  1. Nina said:

    Congratulations, Amy! Everything was so beautiful, and it seemed that a very good time was had by all!

    And please don’t worry about being off-topic. You will recall that about a year ago we took a poll on the Hair list, and the vast majority voted for this being more like a livingroom, where the main common ground was Hair, rather than a place where Hair was the only topic of conversation allowed. We have known each other a long time, and of course we want to see your wedding pictures!

  2. Michael Butler said:

    Great keep sending have a great honeymoon,
    Peace and Love.

  3. barbara siomos said:


    Thank you for sending the pictures you look so exquisitely “Happy”.. a big back at you… and wishing you a forever life together.

    love and peace,

  4. barbara siomos said:

    that was supposed to be a big smile back at you Amy..


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