off-topic (kinda) Across the Universe movie

I know many of us are Beatles fans anf fans of anything 60s in general so….Has anyone else seen the movie Across the Universe yet? (The musical with all Beatles songs… it’s currently only out in “select cities”) I saw it today and it was great…. loved seeing the way they used the music and the visuals in some scenes were just outstanding. The plot did get kind of messy at times (it felt like the director said, “I really want to have a scene with thise song so let’s stick it here”), but overall it was very good.

 And even if you’re not a big Beatles fan, the setting of movie was very along the lines of Hair… late 60s, protests, etc. A great scene when one character goes to the induction center after he’s drafted… poster of Uncle Sam singing “I Want You (She’s so Heavy)” etc. And there’s a kind-of Berger/Claude/Sheila vibe with the three main characters.




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  1. maggiemoon said:

    I saw it…and was reminded, in places, very much of HAIR. Especially when I felt some bit has a random vibe (as you mentioned), I tried to think about it a little harder…some of the non-plot-serving songs in HAIR threw me off at first glance, but when I went deeper, I loved them dearly. I would be interested to see the flick a second time, and look closer.

  2. LilacAmy11 said:

    Very true… I would agree with you about the “non-plot” parts; looking deeper would reveal more… when they had “Because” it especially felt like HAIR to me… plus Lucy was very much of a Sheila type character…

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