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Does anyone have a song list for 1967 Off Broadway Hair?



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  1. Nina said:

    Hi Michael,

    You’d think I would have that information at my finger tips, wouldn’t you? Unfortunately I don’t have it written out, so I’ll check the Off-Broadway script tomorrow and post it here.

  2. Nina said:

    Dear Michael, Sorry for the delay! Off Broadway script lists the following songs, in this order:

    ACT I
    Don’t Put It Down
    Ain’t Got No
    Ain’t Got No (reprise)
    Manchester England
    I Got Life
    Ain’t Got No (reprise)
    The Rally
    Going Down
    Nervous Nelly
    Dead End
    Mess O’Dirt
    Frank Mills
    Where Do I Go?

    ACT II

    Electric Blues
    Easy To Be Hard
    Manchester England (reprise)
    White Boys
    Black Boys
    Walking In Space
    So Sing The Children of the Avenue
    Walking in Space (reprise)
    Good Morning Starshine
    The Climax

    Please note that the lyrics of many songs that were later written for the Broadway version were used as spoken lines in the off-Broadway script (My Conviction, 3-5-0-0, and many, many more). Also that some of the songs that made the transition to the Broadway version were sung by different characters off-Broadway, such as Dead End being sung by Sheila, Don’t Put It Down by a character called the Apparition who was cut between off-Broadway and Broadway, and several others.

    For an over view of the changes from Off to On Broadway read The Age of Hair: Evolution and Impact of Broadway’s First Rock Musical by Barbara Lee Horn, a book she wrote as an expansion of her dissertation Hair, Changing Versions. While there are some glaring errors in this book (like her making Hud the character with a crush on Mick Jagger…) it is an interesting look at the changes between Off-Broadway and Broadway. It is out of print but shows up on eBay and is also available through many libraries inter-library loan programs.


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