New Broadway production et al

Hey, everyone…hope you’re doing well…I miss the old mailing list. 🙁

Anyway…my wife and I just went to see the Broadway show on Tuesday. (And now she wants to see it at least ten more times! Hope they bring it to Chicago!)

Just a few comments on it…

– The band was awesome. Especially Bernard Purdie.
– Surprising moment: how they got the crowd on their feet, clapping and stomping along to “Ain’t Got No Grass.” That….was something!
– A lot was cut, but that’s understandable. The show is long as it is, so if they hadn’t made siginificant cuts, we’d probably still be in the theater.
– One thing I DIDN’T like: they did standard bows at the end…just really takes away from the feel, if you ask me.
– Overall…a wonderful performance. I really want to see it again, and if you have the opportunity, please see it; you will be very happy.

If you want a much more in-depth read, check my blog at

Now…just minutes ago I accidentally discovered that DisinHAIRited is out on CD! Here’s the link:

And you’d better believe I placed an order immediately! You can also get it as downloadable MP3s from and iTunes.



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  1. Mike Blaxill said:

    thanks Dauber! especially enjoyed reading about the 1996 Chicago Hair .. PEACE-m

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