Natasha Kurilew, Navesink (Red Bank) Tribe’s “Lost Child”


You know how, when you go see a HAIR, you sorta know how the rest of the show will go, by how well (or how poorly) “Aquarius” is sung?

Oh, what a voice in that spectacular little package!

Natasha Kurilew

The face of an angel, a Cherub, and yet she appears to us first (with her solo of “Aquarius”) as Earth Mother (at least to me). Earth tones, her garb, like fallen leaves, but a crown she wears … of flowers. Our First Singer is … A Flower Child!

But, Man, you shoulda seen her transform into other characters and caricatures as the play moves on (what a riot she was, for instance, as one of the white girls singing “Black Boys”).

But, in the end, clad again as in the beginning, she stood right before me, down stage, center (I, and my son, and my … well, “hero,” Jim Rado, all front row, center), “Flesh Failures” flows in to “Let the Sunshine In,” and, … I could not look away. This dear little angel, this “Lost Child” singing her heart out, tears streaming down her face, her cheeks, and, … and, … and, oh, God, it was all I could do to contain myself, to contain my own tears (streaming down my face, my cheeks, as I type this now). I cannot believe this … LOVE I have for this Tribe. They are at once my children, my brothers, my sisters, my mothers, my fathers, my lovers. And, yeah, I know ‘Tasha’s tears were probably more for the loss of that run of HAIR, than it was for the loss of Claude, being more the real in her real life, but any hurt in her, … hurts me. Lost Child welcomed us all to the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Then, in the end, she called out to us (it seemed she was looking straight at me) to … REMEMBER … Life … is … so … precious. … REMEMBER (Hud holds up a sign that reads “REMEMBER”) … Claude (and so many “Claudes”) didn’t have to die. Just Let the Sunshing In. I will remember that face, … ’til the day I die — The face of that little Lost Child … chanting our anthem. Let the Sunshine In.





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2 Responses to “Natasha Kurilew, Navesink (Red Bank) Tribe’s “Lost Child””

  1. barbara siomos said:

    T.J. I Love you and your Heart and your Love for this girl and all others. 🙂


  2. Tioga Joe said:

    Thanks, dear Barbara. And you know I already love you. Yeah, you know, I still see in my mind’s eye Natasha’s face during “Let the Sunshine In.” Should I ever be confronted by the foibles of the young, tempting me to express my righteous … indignation, Natasha’s tears will come to mind, and I will … REMEMBER. I will remember that these are (particularly Natasha’s Tribe) no less my children than my biological own (who’ll still and always hold first place in my heart). And I will see them with a good mother’s … unconditional love. Protect them. And nurture them. And prepare them … to fly away. Yeah, I feel stupid for referencing ing it, but it’s true — our “children are our future.” (C’mon. Lighten up, Tioga. Lighten up.)
    Okay, well, with that, I shall take my leave. Thanks for the slow dance, Barbara.

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