Met Hair Question

Is the plan for this to be a restage of the original? Or will it be newly-imagined?

I’ve seen a number of “new” stagings, most odd, one successful, but my happiest favorite was Julie Arenal’s re-creation of the original in Bridgeport.



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One Response to “Met Hair Question”

  1. Nina Dayton said:

    Hey Ross,

    The Met production is being done largely by the same group who did the two Candlefish productions in 1998 and 1999 in LA. Did you see either of those? Perhaps a visit to the Archives is in order?

    I loved the Bridgeport production for it’s use of the original staging and choreography (it’s amazing what a difference Tom O’Horgan’s staging brings out in the book)and for its Woof, who was one of the all-time-best, but it was a little lacking, for me, in its depth of feeling. Did you see Anthony D’Amato’s production in NJ last fall?

    On a slightly different subject, there is a very active discussion back many posts, on a thread called Hair Threads, about whether Claude should participate in the nude scene or not. I would love to hear your thoughts there, both as a long time Hair fan, and as a direcor/playwright.

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