Let Us Salute The Muwekma Tribe

I just returned from a weekend with them in San Jose. With so many HAIR’s in California this summer they are going to have a tough time to compare with this version. What a great tribe tribe in spirit and capabilities. I am trying to go back in a couple of weeks it is that good.

Here is the latest review:

Peace and Love,




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  1. Mike Blaxill said:

    Yes! I second that!! Debbie and I just got back from seeing the Muwekma’s this weekend and had an amazing time. A really great tribe and ALL the leads (Claude, Hud, Crissy, Berger, Sheila, Jeannie, Woof, Dionne) were among some of the best we’d seen – can’t thank Jon enough for his generosity… putting together and sharing such a rich experience.
    Much Peace and Luff!!
    Mike B.

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