Land: Go West Young Man

Visionary: Characterized by vision or foresight.

MB is a visionary and as he once told a small group of theater actors in Hawaii about a thought he recently had about ‘the land’ in Hawai’i. He said, for him to keep the tribe together, someone must establish a perpetual home where we can live with each other, comfortable in our lifestyle without any outside interference – a large place to gather.

Of course, I am paraphrasing because this happened 34 years ago when the Paka’lolo Tribe from Hawai’i which transplanted itself to Las Vegas finally came home after three years on tour. It was opening for a one month stay at the new Honolulu International Center (HIC) which was now called The Blaisdell Sports Center.

Land in Hawai’i (previous cane field land) was going for about $5,000 an acre at that time. I don’t remember all the details of his vision which MB had, except it was significant, powerful and soul-touching. Something on the size of a garden of 1550 acres, even though it is less than eight million dollars, it did not include infrastructure and utility services. These and other services would have to be developed.

Insert #1:

This was bare land, depleted of most of its nutrients by years of growing one agricultural product without crop rotation. Sugar Cane land is consistent in its use of pesticides and chemical fertilizer usage which kill organic bacteria that form healthy top soils. The positive side is that soil is able to become organic and natural after about five years of crop rotation using organic; humus building methods. Gardens would have flourished and perhaps a ‘central’ library and information center would have provided the needed education for many of our challenges.

The dream translation did not have all the details you can possibly think of or imagine but it was definitely inspired. But for the dreamer himself – there may have been no limit. Trust me; you would have known, felt and discovered for yourself the altitude, if you were there too.

Insert #2:

Many years later, thinking about this – we can better articulate the horizon that could of, should of, would of, and should have been. I tried to imagine his enlightenment, subsequent pain, concern and bewilderment when he brushed it off as a mere financial intrusion. Yet, still hanging on to a rush in which a future living tribe could materialize and contribute its values to a World from a base in Hawai’i was a reality then. Oh! What a Reality…

Here were people living together and sharing. Walking was a must throughout ‘the land’ as cars were forbidden. The parking lot was where you came and went but entry to ‘the land’ was by foot, horse or some other natural mode which blended favorably with the culture. I asked how the teepees would be distributed and so we briefly brain-stormed; maybe each family would buy one – this was a detail no yet fully realized and the larger view of the dream unfolded easier. During that moment – a vision of several hundred teepees; painted in colors, large ribbons and flags flowing with the energy, all different, spread across the land, in the gulches, on hills and larger mountains. Buildings for different functions were well-placed and several feeding houses, I’m sure existed.

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There were concerns of course with water and waste – would there be out houses? State Laws are State Laws. Nonetheless, thoughts emerged and if they stayed contained in our mind…I’m not sure. And, what of health care and its larger ramifications: Insurance issues and costs I’m sure swiftly traveled through the brain making its existence known. How does one address the Emergency Management for such a large population? These thoughts of course, come at a time when we can be more rational and coherent.

Insert #4:

Several years ago, a modern tribe of hippies on the Big Island of Hawai’i which had lived in harmony, peace and understanding for more than 40 years with the local government there were suddenly and violently accosted and detained. Suddenly, because of the Federal regulations, and the stepped up intervention, these ‘beautiful people’ witnessed helicopters flying over their mountainous lands with black-clad uniformed FBI agents repelling down to the ground, snatching their hemp crops, then hoisting the plants back up.

Insert #5:

These citizens went to the special public meetings which were monthly but this meeting was called especially for this issue as we watched it on local T.V. in our Kona hotel room. They protested this massive intrusion and as their one spokesman said, “We have lived amongst you for all these years, and you know we have been exemplary citizens and have harmed no one – why are you doing this? Why can’t you just let us live the way we want too?

The Republican appointed public servants said they were just doing what they are supposed to do – just following orders.

Insert #6:

MB had a vision, so powerful that I am most certain even in today’s instability; that several religions mostly based on Nature and a God would have existed on this land – a common belief. It would have included a place where common prayers would have emanated from each of us. I believe that our common ‘ohms’ in our small and larger ‘circles’ on ‘this land’, would have surely resounded to a spiritual heaven and our goodness would have multiplied throughout the land, as a people bound by spirit.

Experiencing spiritual phenomenon then becomes common place. … And what of our art; our sharing of knowledge, building a present growth for a future city – architected by dreams – together – our changing dynamics and expression, perhaps a regeneration and reawakening of man’s self; void of war, intermixing expressions of love; could we have grown that far? I think we could of, if given the chance.

Insert #7:

What of governance and tribal leadership. Would all of these mechanisms have stayed in place and would our leaders continue to evolve or would we have deteriorated as we witness confrontation and the demise of a dream as our brothers and sisters; ten fold, leave ‘the land’ for other potential distant dreams.

Ulitimately, we will never know.

Nevertheless, I wish I had the chance to witness this magnificent dream materialize. And if ‘seeing’ parts of it roll in before my eyes, is a part of individual history, I am honored to have been there. To have witnessed the spirit of Hawai’i unfold its precious flower and offer MB its prize is most profound. He is Hawai’i’s child.

(c) September, 2006 Lyle K’ang



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3 Responses to “Land: Go West Young Man”

  1. Tioga Joe said:

    Dear Lyle– By your recount here, you have spread the word of this imagining, broadening the circle focusing on it with their minds. We may not have levitated the Pentagon, but the realization of this dream, the manifestation of this idea, the materialization of this … dance … in harmony (as much as we humans can) with the universal mystic law of cause and effect, CAN yet be achieved. Just, … Keep the Faith. And “spread it around the world Brother.”
    Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
    Om Mane Padme Om
    Our Father, [etcetera]

  2. Lyle said:

    Tioga Joe;
    You made me cry…thanks, I needed that.

    Peace – Nam Myoho Renge Kyo,


  3. JulieWinnMcKay said:

    Lyle, you are truly talking about the ‘Aloha’ and ‘Mana’ in Hawai’i. Only the people who love and care about the ‘aina (land) and the power of the ‘ohana (family) feel that spiritual power. Obviously MB did. I recall that after spending some four years as Claude, then returning to Hawai’i as Lyle you did your very best to live the ideal — to demonstrate what could be done. You hand-stiched a teepee in the Hawaiian Homestead front yard of a recently deceased Native Hawaiian original Paka’lolo tribe member named Poha’i (meaning to circle or embrace). You were given the name “Kekahi” (meaning a ‘special man’) by an important and knowledgeable Hawaiian woman, and then you went off to the Big Island to ‘live on the land.’ Your description of Michael’s vision fills my heart with hope that such an existence will be possible for us — sometime and somwhere. I have always kept the faith, and so have many, many others.

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