Jonathon’s Evacuates Home

Blessings to you.
Peace and Love
On Oct 22, 2007, at 11:46 AM, Jonathon Johnson wrote:

Hi Michael,

Just a note to you and all my Hair family that we were evacuated at 5 this morning. The trees in our back yard were engulfed in flames. We had about 5 minutes to get dressed, get both dogs and head out the door. We got a few important papers as well but had to leave all else. All in all, we still feel blessed as we are safe and staying with Betsy’s sister in Mission Hills. I thought about grabbing at least one guitar from my collection, but decided to to waste a minute ;). Things can always be replaced. I do know that houses all around us have burned. I called our home number though about 15 minutes ago and got our answering machine which makes us hopeful as long as the winds don’t change.

Take care and God Bless ~ Jonathon

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4 Responses to “Jonathon’s Evacuates Home”

  1. LilacAmy11 said:

    Jonathon – thoughts and prayers!


  2. JohnZ said:

    Hello Jonathon,

    Sorry to hear that your neighborhood is involved in this terrible fire, and that you had to beat such a hasty retreat. It is great to hear that you both are ok, and that your answering machine test shows that your house has not been severely damaged.

    Hebe and I send our best wishes and hopes.

    Incidentally, don’t panic if your telephone test fails at some time in the future (as it will if the fire damages either the telephone network or the power distribution system). A failure of the test does not necessairily mean that your house has been damaged. In fact it is surprising that the power has not been cut yet to your neighborhood as a safety precaution to the fire fighters and to prevent more sources of ignition.

    Again, we are rooting for you!

    John Zuehlke

  3. Nina Dayton said:

    Dear Jonathon,

    Sending all thoughts, love and positive wishes for you, Betsy and your family. We all look forward to hearing about a good outcome for you.

    Much love,

  4. Anita Krpan said:


    I am also sending you and your family my very most positive thoughts and wishes. May loving angel wings protect you and your home.

    With love,
    Anita Krpan

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