How to post a new message to the blog

Hi Leo and all others whohave questions about how to post a new post to the list. I am working on a basic how to, but in the meantime thought I would start by answering this question here, as there are several people who have asked it.

First of all, to post you must log in. Most of you know how to do that (or you couldn’t be posting comments to other posts!) but for those who don’t you can log in by looking on the right hand side of the main page, where you will see the word “NAVIGATION”. Below that look for the word “Login” and click on that. That will take you to the Login page where you fill in your user name and password, and click “Login” Please note that both user name and password are case sensitive, so be sure and write it just as you originally registered.
After you log in you will see 2 blue stripes at the top of the page. The top one is a darker blue, and has links to “view site” and “sign out” and a few more. Below this is a lighter blue line with several options on it. One of those is “Write” If you click on “Write” you will go the page for composing a new post. You can also access that page by going to the “Dashboard” (this is also the default opening page after you log in). On the Dashboard page there are several choices. There is a list of links towards the left hand side of the page, and one of those is “Write a post”. Clicking that will also take you to the composing page.

There is another useful tool on the Dashboard page that I like to point out, which is that on the right is a list of the most recent posts and comments, which allows one to easily check on what has been going on since the last time you were at the blog, and check new posts without having to scroll through the blog and see which posts have new comments., etc.

Hope that helps! Please let me know if I haven’t answered your question, or if there are others!




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5 Responses to “How to post a new message to the blog”

  1. barbara siomos said:

    Hi Nina, Why do I have an Edit notation along with Uncatagorized and Comments? Have you noticed that?


  2. Nina said:

    Hi Barbara,

    You have the ability to edit your own posts, so if you reread your post and notice you misspelled something you have the ability to go back in and correct that. For instance, earlier you noticed that a link in a post you had put up was incorrect, and so you posted again to correct that. In future you could just go back in and edit your original post to fix the link.

    But, true archivist that I am, I encourage everyone not to edit their posts for content, just for faulty proofreading. Whatever you felt like saying we ask that you leave as is for the archived blog.

    Keep the questions coming, folks!

  3. Michael Butler said:

    Nina dear,
    Take my hat off to you in helping the tribe to get used to the Blog setup. I really resisted in the beginning and hated the idea. Now I love the new software and it is constantly being upgraded thanks to Nina, Tom and Patrick

  4. Mike Blaxill said:

    just want to add that the first thing to do in order to be abe to log in is to “Register” for the site, if you haven’t already..the link above “login” – once you’ve registered, have a user name and password, you can log in and post a new message

  5. peacefreak said:

    Thank you Nina, I’m finally getting up to speed here!! Yippie!


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