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Hi all,

I’m new on this blog – and thank Heaven I found it! I’m directing a production in Sacramento right now, and while the show is coming along really well and I have a great cast, I’m hearing from a lot of my leads that they feel less than confident about how to play their characters. All of them are young, and used to doing plays with more conventional character and plot. I’ve loved this show since I was about 13, and it’s so second-nature to me at this point that I’m having a little trouble figuring out ways to help them flesh things out. I’m sorry if this is a really basic question, but I’d love some guidance from Hair veterans! Thanks in advance.





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  1. Nina said:

    Hi Maggie, and welcome to the blog!

    There are many people here who can help you, and I am sure they will chime in soon. In addition, what you are asking for is one of the things I do at the Hair Archives. I would be happy to discuss this with you, along with the other resources we offer to current productions of Hair. Please email me at dayton3@rcn if you are interested (and/or click on my name at the top of this comment to visit our web site). I look forward to hearing from you!

  2. herbangirl said:

    Thanks Nina! I’ll email you backchannel, and I look forward to hearing from anyone else!

  3. Katie Kasben said:

    Hi Maggie ~

    One thing I did with my cast was had everyone sit in a circle and I gave them small slips of paper. I had chill/groovy music on and had everyone take a deep breath and then write down on their paper all their fears or angst concerning the show (basically pouring out negativity and fear into the papers). Then we went outside, burned all the papers ceremoniously and danced around the flames like wild and happy creatures.

    Lots of Love and Light ~ Peace, Katie (Phoenix Tribe, Asheville, NC)

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