Happy Birthday Michael!!!

Today is the birthday of our own Silver Indian, Michael Butler! Happy Birthday, dearest Michael. May your day be all you wish, and may your new year be filled with love, laughter and success!
Much love,




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9 Responses to “Happy Birthday Michael!!!”

  1. John Herzog said:

    Happy Birthday Michael!! I hope the coming year is filled with Hope and Fulfilment.

    Peace and Love


  2. Bill Swiggard said:

    Happy Birthday, Michael!!! I hope you are reading this surrounded by a crowd of loved ones, and that you feel the love of your many extended family members around the world. May the year ahead bring good health, new adventures, and positive change in our world.

    Love always,

  3. Michael Butler said:

    Thank you, the day has been great. 510 AM call from TelAviv started it out. Have been stunned & surprised at all the messages.
    It is an honor to have such friends.
    Peace and Love

  4. JohnZ said:

    Have a wonderful birthday, and a fulfilling HAiRy year!


  5. Anita Krpan said:


    It sounds as though your Birthday was filled with love. . . Just as it should be!

    Love and miss you,


  6. LilacAmy11 said:

    Hope your birthday was a great one, Michael!


  7. Surge said:

    Better late than never Happy Birthday M

  8. bleurose said:

    Happy Birthday Michael! Barb and I both send this greeting. Hope all is well with you and the show.

    Peace, love and hugs,

    Jon and Barb, Scotts Valley

  9. barbara siomos said:

    Dear dear Michael…

    So sorry to be late, sounds like you had a great Birthday…. Belated Birthday Wishes to you.


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