41 years and still the strongest anti-war statement ever written! Who would have guessed in 1967 when this was just a little play at Joe Papp’s theater that it would go on to become one of the biggest successes of our time? Now it’s back on Broadway, lighting up the Great White Way once more in time of turmoil, begging eyes to open wide and the sun to shine in. Happy birthday, HAIR!



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3 Responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAiR!”

  1. Trampyre said:

    Having been one of the original HAIR kid groupies outside the Biltmore WAY back in ’68, the show changed my life forever (like so many others…). Joined Equity, am a 3x “Claude”, and STILL a HAIR groupie. Can’t figure out why I couldn’t find a 41st Anniversary notice ANYWHERE- even PLAYBILL ONLINE didn’t mention it in their “On-This-Day” History section. I spent the entire day, morn-til-wee-hours-of-the-morning, smiling, laughing and a LOT of crying, remembering Tribe members from the East and West Coast Tribes whom I’d befriended and were no longer with us(so many taken so early, and under traumatic situations…). I watched 4 versions(productions and concerts) on DVD and tape, and re-read Lorrie’s and Jonathan’s books(I’m a speed reader). I gathered my 31 recordings of the show(the ones never released on CD, I re-mastered), and made an “Ultimate” Recording, down to the songs either discarded for Broadway, not used, or implanted a couple of decades later(“Hippie Life”).

  2. Surge said:

    Hello Tramppyre
    My nic-name is Surge and I Chauffeured Michael Butler along with Teru back in the day. I’m working on an all “Volunteer Army” vignette that flys in the face of terrorism. On the frontline, can you imagine the distraction of a re-bith of Hair. An educational lifestyles observence with backdrops of humanity. Expanding on Hair’s viture, suggesting redemption from Drugs Sex and Rock-Roll? I’m interested in your re-mastered DVD please reply

  3. Paul Korda said:

    41 years ago a whole bunch of us young people were living a life. HAiR was the closest to that reflection of our lives. It epitomised our struggles both with our identity and what we believed in and stood for, as opposed to our outside world, with its self destructive, war mongering and power hungry political structures.
    HAiR helped us to not be afraid of expressing our feelings, even if the hardened who resented that expression would try to repress us. “Easy to be Hard” is such a brilliant song.
    On this anniversary we should be reminded that we were and are right to have incorporated that idealism of Expression, and one only has to look at the mess that the “hardened” have “created” with its nature based on the fear of an enemy that must never see one’s true feelings less they would use them against you.
    41 years later is own up time. Expression in the 60’s brought about a renaissance in Music, Art and culture, the likes of which have been rarely seen since.
    Contrasted with the self aggrandizement’s of the hardened, at the expense of damage and waste of natural resources, the brutalization of women and children in war, and lastly but not least the cost to the Worlds economy by maintaining ideals of greed and consumption for the sake of maintaining power over the have nots.
    HAiR taught us that expression is priceless, because of all the fun that the creativity brings with it. It taught us that everything really worthwhile exists in you, and how you express it, and it is all our gain.
    Happy Birthday HAiR – We Love You.

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