HAIR Tribe members get discount tickets to see “Jacques Brel” Off Broadway

Hey fellow HAIR heads, it is my pleasure to be the messenger to you of the following discount-ticket deal, offered to the members of MB-HAIR by Daniel Whitten, Producer of the current off-Broadway revival of the original 1968 (same year as HAIR) Broadway production of “Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris,” now playing at The Zipper Theatre, 336 West 37th St., Manhattan, New York, New York

I’ve seen the show 5 times so far and have been on stage twice as a guest commentator for the monthly “talkback” Q&A session with the audience — seems they like my take on how certain of the songs relate to our current war situation, just as they did in the late ’60s and early ’70s about the war in Vietnam

See below the note from Dan to our dear Michael Butler (Michael suggested I post the note here for your benefit). I hope to see you at the Zipper one evening (or matinee).


Hi Michael,

I want to offer your audience a ‘two for one’ discount for JacquesÂ

(If you have not seen it yet, please come as my guest).Â will give you reviews, photos, videoclips, etc.

Here is the code info [for the ticket discount]:

Go to,
when prompted for code, type in BR4MENU

or call 212 239 6200 and mention the same code.

Let me know [Michael]Â when you want to see the show.

Dan Whitten




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2 Responses to “HAIR Tribe members get discount tickets to see “Jacques Brel” Off Broadway”

  1. Anthony D'Amato said:

    Got a chance to see this as a guest of our good Tioga Joe. A good friend of mine is the assistant director, as well. Please check it out! Very strong performances and visuals.

    Also got the treat of seeing our Tioga as a guest commentator — was very proud (and what a role reversal, to see him on stage this time!).

  2. Mike Blaxill said:

    Tioga Joe in ’08!

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