Hair in Tucson


Many years back, I was a William Morris agent for the Public Theater/Cheetah productions of Hair. Of course the bigwigs kicked me aside once you had a hit, but it was fun, and my social life improved enormously thanks to the generosity (or avarice) of many of the girls in the cast, despite my measly $57 a week WMA salary back then.

Tonight, I attended the Arizona Theatre Company’s presentation, and it was superb! The kids are so much more talented and disciplined now than they were back in the 60s. But what impressed me most is how powerful the play has become. I remember James and Gerry changing the script night after night in the early days much as Shakespeare did (except he may have known what he was doing), but it worked. I think they – and Galt, of course -have created a timeless piece of musical theater.


stacy haines



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