HAIR BE-IN in LA ticket list

Hi all,

I’ve been getting a lot of emails from people asking who was coming to the BE-In tomorrow night in LA, so here is the list of those who have purchased their tickets. There are many more who have said they are planing on coming and buying tickets at the door. If you are one of those I must encourage you to buy tickets online now, as we are very close to selling out, and it would be terrible for you to get there and be disappointed. To buy tickets online go to the url that is on your invitation, or email me and I will help.



BE-IN Ticket Buyers

Cara Robin
Jonathon Johnson
Jolie Kanat
Michael Butler
Eric Milligan
Bruce Michael Paine
Mary Seymour Williams
Richard Osorio
Corinne Broskette
Walter Michael Harris
Michael Iacampo
Toni “Toad” Attell
Thomas Cook
Julie Winn McKay
Talia Savren
Jessica Kluger Marciel
Barbara Moore
Red Shepard
Sue Marn Konig
Beverly Bremers
Russ Carlson
Richard Denton
Verity Branco
Anita Krpan
Miranda Robin-Thurmer
Emily Belgard
Charles Valentino Harris
John Herzog
Danny Miller
Shezwae Powell
Karalee Phillips Fenske
John Zuehlke
The Funny Guy Company
Robert Patrick
Franke Karle
Lelan Berner
Dawn Worrall
Nina Smith
Toby Stone
Roxana Sohrabi
Jennifer Warnes
Doug Rowell
Chris Comer
Paul Korda
John David Yarbrough
AnaTherese Lopez
Lyle K’Ang
Aronold McCuller
Raymond Patterson
George Milman
Jim Carrozo
Stephen Eich
Teda Bracci
Papi Hunt
Adam & Michelle Butler
Trevor Olsen
Tadg Galleran
Yardenna Hurvitz
Jennifer Lee Ho
Ian Sebastian
Ynez Anthony
Linda Compton Dawson
Ben Lautman
Michael Sorafine
Mary Romanek
Oliver (Buddy) Mullaney
“Uncle” Warren Morrill
Tish Diskin
Max Holly (Farmer Al Schmidt)
Dennis Purcell
Kathryn Ann Wright
Jimmy Chuppetta
Roberta R Crockett
Paul Koslo
Carlotte Crossley
Linda Rios
Linda Rees
Roger Cruz
Nelson Varon
Margaret Grundstein
Patric D’Eimon
Les & Joyce Carlsen
Ken Fritz
Gene Krischer
Erroll Booker
Richard Almack
Gar McRae
Tata Vega
Henry Howard
Catherine Genender
Lydia Klein Moreno
Jennifer Warnes
Jeff Hanen
Catherine Genender
Roxanne Olivier
Ashley Avildsen
Sammi I. King
Pamela Morton
Sam Nicholson
Danielle Bissutti



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