Guys, Teddy and I need your help!

The title of the post is explained well enough by the following.

First, the news: Ted Neeley (and Jesus Christ Superstar) is back in style! Word has just come to the Ted Neeley fans that he, Barry Dennen, and Yvonne Elliman (of the original film), plus Ben Vereen (the original Broadway Judas), are reuniting for a benefit concert of JCS at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Hollywood on August 13, 2006. The show will also feature some huge names, such as Jack Black and Clint Holmes. This benefit is the prelude to Ted’s farewell to the show, a tour of some 60 cities produced by Troika Entertainment. Due to Equity issues, Barry, Yvonne, and the big names will not be on tour with Ted, so this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Now, the request: Ted is a gracious man. And I’m sure he’d love to see his old friends from HAIR. Knowing airline prices to be what they are, I’d have to travel cross-country to see the show. And I don’t have the cash for gas. I’m sure you know what I thought of next…let’s plan a huge big HAIR reunion headed cross-country, picking up as many HAIR vets, HAIR List-ers, HAIR Blog-ers, as we can, all on our way to support Ted in Hollywood. A huge car pool. We all chip in for gas, tolls, and snacks, and a huge group sale that the Ricardo Montalban Theatre will be grateful for.

I know there’s another reunion in L.A. planned for October, but with scheduling being what it is, Ted will be on tour and unable to come see you guys, so please…for his sake…for the charity…and for a starving artist like you once were…come to California with me!

So what’s the word, guys? We in?



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