Guess who’s come for dinner by Michael Brown

Guess who’s come for dinner

I have an uninvited guest, who doesn’t want to leave but
I think I know what’s best, so my kin won’t have to grieve
while his appetite is viscous regardless of the host
to him what’s most delicious is when the host becomes a ghost

providing for his exile is not a simple task
but to go that extra mile is what I have to ask
of myself and family, both extended and close friends,
to deal with this anomaly before we reach the end

his occupation devastates the space he uses up
including outside landscapes or inside where he sups
we’ve joined the bloody battle, my friends, my wife and I,
though I can’t but feel like cattle while the AMA tells lies

we’ve found successful protocols from Doctors who have won;
not just any port of call, you can see the work they’ve done
hospitals and pharmacies and insurance companies:
each one supports a fallacy meant to maintain your disease

I must admit this bag of skin I wear that holds this soup
is frightening when the room mate’s in and forces me to stoop.
If you’re watchful for a minute you can see the muscles twitch,
you’d think a snake was in it, it can almost make you itch

mainstream medicine won’t tell you where to find a cure
if it involves nutrition the line becomes obscure
if it involves a growth hormone, outside the standard call,
they won’t bother with the telephone, they’ll send a paper wall

the protocol for this disease is FDA approved
administered as if to please those whom it most behooves;
not the patients, they just die, but the drug’s sold anyway
what good it does is half a lie,”good question” as they say

the side effects belie the good; argues quality of life
still alive, as if that would be enough amongst the strife
of lost control, inch by inch, someone else to wipe my ass?
food by tube, it’s a cinch, a lung pump in a glass?

do we become so desperate that to keep the mind alive
we rent a respirator so just the brain survives?
what’s hard for me to understand is the politics of death if
to argue, challenge, take a stand and fight the loss of ethics
is too much for the average guy, then who takes up the fight?
doctrines used without a why are blindfolds in the night



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