Gripping review of “My Life is my Sundance”

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Please HELP US!
Thanks on Leonard’s behalf.
Subject: Re: ~Harvey Arden on Leonard & his play MY LIFE IS MY SUN DANCE~
From: “Joan Markowitz”>
Date: Tue, April 24, 2007 12:12 pm

Dear Harvey,
Thank you for forwarding this
correspondence. I just wanted to tell you
how much I enjoyed and was touched by My
Life is My Sundance which I saw during its
final matinee performance. Doug Foote
seemed to channel Leonard Peltier. We are
proud to have been able to host this
production at BMoCA.
Joan Markowitz
Co-Executive Director, Senior Curator
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
1750 13th St, Boulder, CO 80302
303.443.2122 x23
www.bmoca.orgOn 4/23/07 12:02 AM, “harvey@harveysplacenet”>
Friend–This question & reply may be of interest. Blessings, /Harvey Arden

4/23/07 12:02 AM, “” wrote:Friend–This question & reply may be of interest. Blessings, /Harvey ArdenOn Sun, April 22, 2007 10:12 am, Linda wrote:

Hi Harvey!
Was Peltiers Play cancelled/censored?!!!
I am reading the list you sent me of the
issues of truth that have been censored!
Freedom is a birthright – not a privilege for
Harvey Arden replies:

Linda–No, the play wasn’t cancelled. It
had 12 wonderful performances. It HAS
been attacked by at least one FBI surrogate
and remains unmentioned (as yet) in the
national press, though was well-reviewed
by press in Boulder & Denver when it
played. We’re hoping to take it on the
road. It WAS mentioned in NDN journalist
Brenda Norrell’s new website CENSORED–which features NDN subjects the corporate
media conveniently ignore, as they’ve
ignored Leonard for decades, except for an
occasional hatchet job. There was however,
no canceling or censoring of the
production of MY LIFE IS MY SUN DANCE.

Every performance brought audiences to
tears, outrage & inspiration; I myself have
never seen a theater audience more
profoundly moved or shaken; sustained
standing applause for Lakota actor Doug
Foote’s incandescent performance were
powerful experiences in themselves. I
doubt there’s anything on Broadway today
even remotely as moving as this play.

Are there other theaters with the grit and
integrity to stage Cathie Quigley-
Soderman’s wondrous production? There’s
already an offer for a potential London
production. We’ll see. I’d rather see a
major production here in the States touring
every regional theater in the land. Leonard
has a rare parole hearing in December ‘08
(the last was in 1993, next–if needed–in
2017.). A Pulitzer-Prize-winning (ha!)
production of this amazing piece of theater
could help win Leonard’s freedom, just as
Hurricane Carter’s movie did for him.

Leonard’s 63rd birthday will be September
12; two weeks later I myself will turn 72. I
have a dream: walking at Leonard’s side as
he walks out of prison a free man. If he’s
assassinated at that moment–as some in
emails to me have hopefully suggested will
happen–I would be honored to take the
bullets for him. So would many tens of
millions of other decent people around this
indecent planet we’ve created. May Creator
watch over the two of us–and over the
many many millions of us. Let decency

Free Leonard Peltier!

Blessings, Tiffany.
/Harvey Arden

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