TRIBE Alumnus needs Daddy Butler and Daddy Rado!

Jeffrey James Ircink in LA – actor/playwright and TRIBE alumnus. Michael, I was in the HAIR production at the University of Iowa in ’95 (as a non-student) where we met and I had my picture taken with you and Peter Yarrow. HAIR remains a favorite theater experience of mine and I’d like to do a brief interview (taped, not live) with you and James Rado for my blog. Is there a possibility of this? You can contact me at weakknees@gbpackersfan.comÂ

My blog site is:Â

Was on YouTube recently and was thrilled to see the 1969 video of the West Coast ensemble of HAIR on The Smother Brother’s Show. Took me back to my production and how much I miss it. “What a piece of work is man…” – the solo I sang. How true it rings today!



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