Gerry Ragni’s Birthday

Sure miss him. Still can feel his vibrations.

Peace and Love,




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4 Responses to “Gerry Ragni’s Birthday”

  1. Nina said:

    A truly unforgetable person. I am sure we will all continue to feel his vibes for a long, long time. So – Happy Birthday Gerry, wherever you are….rest in peace.


  2. Michael Ramirez said:


  3. writerdirector said:

    He was the best; his image our inspiration
    he taught me to write lyrics on the linen napkins in expensive restaurants; hanging with him was a privilege; like a normal kid getting to hang out with batman; he is very missed

  4. CorinneAct said:

    One of the finest people to ever walk the earth. Ever so kind to this flower child.

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