Fun with HAiR on You Tube

I was browsing through You Tube and found some pretty .. interesting video clips…

here’s Mr. Burns from the Simpsons singing Good Morning Starshine
Simpsons video

here’s Hair at the Dutch Music Awards
Dutch music awards

and this is a heavy metal-ish version of Donna from Vienna
heavy metal Donna

oops .. almost forgot …
this one



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4 Responses to “Fun with HAiR on You Tube”

  1. LilacAmy11 said:

    Thanks! I enjoyed those:)


  2. Nina Dayton said:

    Thanks for posting those Mike!

    The last one if additional footage from Pola Rapaport and Wolfgang Held’s film Let The Sunshine In, in my humble opinion the best documentary ever made about Hair to date. Anyone who has a chance to see this film should do so.

    “Heavy Metal” berger is actually pretty good, IMHO. Here is a clip of them doing the song Hair from that same concert:

    The costumes are way off (I think of him more as Biker Berger – what’s with that snake tatoo?) as is the choreography (very not Hair) but the energy and real rock voices are terrific – as is the fact that both Claude and Berger actually seem to have real long hair!!!

    If anyone knows more about the production (I think it was in Vienna) please let me know at

  3. Mike Blaxill said:

    for sure .. biker berger sang the shit out of Donna!

  4. Bil Gonzalez said:

    Yes, “biker Berger’s” name is Drew Sarich. He is currently in Les Miz, and has an incredible voice. He’s played both Jesus and Judas in Superstar in Europe.

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