From WMH

This story online will be of interest to HAIR List tribe members.  Not only does it
include one of our own (Barry) but sheds light on a songwriter that was clearly
ahead of his time in the progressive/protest genre during the 60s:

PF Sloan wrote "Secret Agent Man" and "Eve of Destruction" and other songs we know.
Taking a few minutes to listen to this interview is time well spent.  Mr. Sloan has a new CD out
that I'm going to get.  His connection to LA is timely.

Nina, could you post this on the list?  Thanks!





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2 Responses to “From WMH”

  1. barbara siomos said:

    WMH and Nina,

    Thanks for turning me on to THIS website, awesome. I found a Rita Coolidge album as well as PJ and others.


  2. Mike Blaxill said:

    just bought our copy of the new cd .. Debbie says that all the shamans are over 50 now

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