From Jim Rado

Jim Rado has aksed me to post the following here from him.
XO, Nina

STEVE MIRANDA, Choreographer, Dance Captain, and All Around Gypsy Chairman of Many a Touring European HAIR Company, associate of both Joe Donovan and Jim Rado, passed suddenly and unexpectedly on this day (same day as Anna Nicole Smith) Thursday, February 8th, 2007. His Mom’s contact number is 508-997-2229…she would love to hear from the people of the Europe Tours and all who knew and danced under the tutelage of the Miranda. Love & Peace Jim Rado



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  1. Anthony D'Amato said:

    This is a very sad passing. Many of my close friends toured with Steve, and I have had the pleasure of meeting him in the past. I shed some tears with my friends the other night over this. Very sad.

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