Frank Mills

I read somewhere that when the producers were casting the first HAir they came across Shelley Plimpton working some place, persuaded her to come on board and created the role of Crissy (and the song Frank Mills) for her – neither of these being in the story line before.

If this is the case, was the show ever performed without the role of Crissy ? Was anyone here around then?

Just curious.




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  1. rjmac said:

    The Lincoln Center Library has the script that was first submitted to Joseph Papp, Crissy is in that script, and “Frank Mills” was written as kind of a speed-freak monologue, with the instruction for the speech to be said as fast as possible.

    Shelley Plimpton was the original Crissy at the Public Theater, and continued in that role nearly throughout the life of the original runs. After the Broadway show closed, she played the part in the Venus tour, which, I believe, was the last of the original companies to exist in the U.S., and closed in late 1973.


  2. Mike Blaxill said:

    also, jim rado recently said that the lyrics were inspired by an ad in the Village Voice

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