So we had two days of auditions… about 100 people. Not bad. We’ve got a KILLER tribe, a handful from my last tribe, some other tribe members returning, a lot of NEW people, and non-theater people/vocalists, thank God. The talent is going to be pretty rediculous.

However!! I can’t find a BERGER or a CLAUDE!! This happened with my last tribe, and had to wait a few more weeks to find the two… and I don’t have the time to spare with this production. We’ve got enough males to cover the tribe (could use one more black guy!)… but I could never settle on any of them for Berger or Claude.

Anyone know of a Berger/Claude type in the NJ/NYC area, wanting to perform HAIR at the 1400-seat Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, NJ? NJ Transit accessible from Penn Station, an acclaimed HAIR director, etc? Feel free to write here or to e-mail me at … we’re seeing some people tomorrow night (Tuesday) and possibly Wednesday. There’s no pay… maybe a small stipend for anyone traveling from NYC/by train, etc. Let me know!





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  1. Anthony D'Amato said:

    PS – Got a killer Berger and Claude!! This is the dawning, my people!

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