Broadway HAIR reviews


[ FOX ]Â Â FOX411 By Roger Friedman
‘Hair’ Makes a Sizzling Broadway Statement

[ TM ]Â Â Hair
Reviewed by: Brian Scott Lipton

Diane Paulus’ surehanded staging of the 1967 antiwar musical, both joyous and heartbreaking, makes this show the year’s best Broadway musical revival.

[ BN ]Â Â Hippies of ‘Hair’ Still Explode With Great Music: Jeremy Gerard (****)

“Hair” was then and is now the most exciting new show in town, not so much a breath of spring air as a jolt of adrenaline.

[ NYT ]Â Â Fizzy, Frizzy Welcome to the ’60s By BEN BRANTLEY

This emotionally rich revival delivers what Broadway otherwise hasn’t felt this season: the intense, unadulterated joy and anguish of that bi-polar state called youth.

[ YN ]Â Â Joyous revival of ‘Hair’ arrives on Broadway with exuberance intact By Michael Kuchwara, The Associated Press

At age 40-something, “Hair” is the liveliest show in town.

[ DN ]Â Â ‘Hair’ revival’s high fun by Joe Dziemianowicz (****)


I have zero nostalgia for the 1960s, but I love this “Hair.”

[ USA ]Â Â New ‘Hair’ revival lets it all hang out By Elysa Gardner ( * * * * out of four)

[ AMNY ]Â Â Review of Hair by Matt Windman (4 out of 4 Stars)

[ THR ]Â Â “Hair” flows in dynamic Broadway staging By Frank Scheck

Broadway audiences should be letting their “Hair” down for a long time to come.

[ BS ]Â Â Hair – Reviewed by DAVID SHEWARD

After a run last summer in Central Park, this Public Theater revival has moved indoors, and it looks like the hippies will be grooving there for a long time.

[ V ]Â Â Hair
Review by David Rooney

Director Diane Paulus and her prodigiously talented cast connect with the material in ways that cut right to the 1967 rock musical’s heart.

[ BR ]Â Â Sixties spirit grows long and strong BY ROBERT FELDBERG

“Hair” might not have the power to shock or to liberate that it did 41 years ago, but the exuberant revival of the iconic rock musical gives Broadway a welcome jolt of energy. It’s also lots of fun.

[ HC ]Â Â ‘Hair’ Lets The Sun Shine In By MALCOLM JOHNSON

The production of “The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical,” which opened Tuesday night at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre, still generates power despite its scattered book, first seen off-Broadway in 1967.

[ TB ]Â Â Hair
Review by Matthew Murray

What Broadway desperately needs is a new Hair, not a new production of the old one: something that will identify today’s youth, with its fears and its loves and its music, to the mainstream and encourage a more complex understanding of where they’re taking the world. That would be a far richer tribute to this work’s lasting legacy than this accomplished, enticing, and thoroughly meaningless revival.

[ BG ]Â Â Innocence, spontaneity lost in ‘Hair’ revival By Louise Kennedy

The bad puns almost write themselves. It’s too long. It’s dull. It’s flat. It has lost its shine.
Oh, I give up. I just watched “Hair” and I can’t do a thing with it.



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  1. Gibson DelGiudice said:

    So to summarize, the review count looks something like this:

    Boston Globe – PAN
    Bergen Record – VERY POSITIVE
    Talkin’ Broadway – PAN
    Word of Mouth (BroadwayWorld) – RAVE
    Variety – RAVE
    Backstage Magazine – RAVE
    Associated Press – RAVE
    USA Today – RAVE (4 stars out of 4)
    TheatreMania – RAVE
    NY Times (Brantley) – RAVE
    AM NY Weblog – POSITIVE
    Bloomberg News – RAVE
    Hollywood Reporter – RAVE
    Entertainment Weekly – RAVE (A-)
    NY Post – RAVE (4 stars out of 4)
    NY Daily News – RAVE (4 stars out of 5)
    NY1 (with video) – RAVE

  2. Mike Blaxill said:


  3. Bil Gonzalez said:

    What a difference 41 years makes!

  4. Tessa said:

    Susan Vordermark / Whoo Hooo! Yates (and Boland)family time. . . good for you. Hope ya’ll checked in on the &#2aL0;8e2venworth Room” and were thus reminded of us back here in “Middle Earth”. Miss you all. ..sorry we couldn’t come too. Love you! SSusan

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