Biltmore to be renamed!

I’m kind of sad about this.

-Bil Gonzalez



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5 Responses to “Biltmore to be renamed!”

  1. Doris said:

    Me, too!

    The “Samuel J. Friedman Theater” doesn’t exactly roll melodically off the tongue. Ah, the things that money can buy…

    It will still, always, be the Biltmore to me (and to most of us, I imagine).

    They couldn’t have just given him a plaque?


  2. barbara siomos said:

    Boy Doris you hit the damn nail on the head with your statements… Where is the plaque leave the name alone creep!

  3. JohnZ said:

    At least they could have renamed it the “Samuel J. Friedman Biltmort Theater.”

    I, too, find this re-naming facilities after large patrons to be odious! I remember when the City of Los Angeles renamed one of their public libraries to honor a wealthy used car dealer! When I returned to my alma mater several years ago, I was very disappointed to see that all of the engineering laboratories, which had been newly named after local aerospace corporations, still had all of the same antiquated equipment that they had when I was a student many years ago.

    Apparently, ego has no limits, but shame does.


  4. JohnZ said:

    OOps! Typo! I meant the “Samuel J. Friedman BILTMORE Theater.”

  5. writerdirector said:

    thats really horrible and makes me cry
    and the one fault of the wonderful biltmore
    was the small seating capacity and they reduced it by approximately 250 seats
    very sad

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