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Hello to all:

I am trying to obtain an original signature of Bert Sommer. He played “Woof” in both the LA and NY productions of Hair in the early 70’s. I have contacted Victor Kahn and Artie Kornfeld (he is a friend of mine) and several musicians Bert played with in NY. No one has any signatures. Does anyone on this board know where I might obtain one? Any suggestions or leads would be very appreciated.

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  1. barbara siomos said:

    Sorry I cannot help with the signature, but I have a beautiful Bert moment to share.

    It was I think late 1970’s and Allan Nichols was having a party in that greaT apartment on 57th St. that he and his then wife shared. Anyway I was leaving the party alone and as I was getting into the elevator along came Bert also alone… When we went outside we realized there was a transit strike and Taxis were very rare, so Bert (my knight in shining armour) found us a Limo that was sitting in front of a hotel entrance. I didn’t think it would work because obviously the Limo was waiting for someone…. I do not know what he said to the driver or what cash changed hands (Bert would not take any cash from me), but I got a ride (felt like it was made in heaven) home. By the way I was pregnant at the time so had a secret fear of walking from 57th St. to W. 88th St.

    peace to Bert what a sweet guy he was.

  2. barbara siomos said:

    That was supposed to be late 1970 (like Oct. or Nov. 1970) NOT late 1970’s….. BIG diff.


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