Anyone Want To Go To The Code Pink House in DC?

The woman who held up her blood covered hands in front of Condi the other day is a member of Code Pink, a pro peace group that really kicks ass in my humble opinion. Most members of the group have been barred from the capitol so they’re asking for people to take their places … Here’s the head of Code Pink, Medea Benjamin, on Democracy Now the other day…

“we really need more people to come forward and join us in the CODEPINK house in D.C., because we’re absolutely determined that we have people in every one of these hearings where they’re talking about the war. And right now, there’s going to be another big moment when Bush is asking for more money for the war, and Congress is going to have to decide whether they’re going to give it to him. We need to be there in their faces every single day. So our appeal to all the listeners of Democracy Now! is: come to D.C. Stay at the CODEPINK house. It’s a fabulous experience. But we need you to be there when we can’t”

Any HAiR volunteers? (go to this link for more info –



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2 Responses to “Anyone Want To Go To The Code Pink House in DC?”

  1. barbara siomos said:

    Mike… I admire these woman also. Do you know when folks are needed and how to find out more info?

    barbara di salvia siomos

  2. Mike Blaxill said:

    Hey barbara … here’s the link with more info

    if you make it to DC, be sure to report back!

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