Alan Martin

Hi Everyone. Those of you who haven’t heard yet, our dear brother and member of the LA, Las Vegas tribes Alan Martin has passed away. I talked to Lelan, a very good friend of his just tonight and appearantly he expired alone in his cabin near Lake Arrowhead. Cause of death has yet to be determined but natural causes seem appearant.

We had just seen Alan at the November 2006 LA reunion and he looked great and was in good spirits. He was a very intelligent and talented man and will be missed. I remember challenging each other while trading off performing the Young Recruit and Margeret Mead trying to outdo each other with something outrageous.

There may be a celebration of his life of some kind and as soon as I know I’ll post it here.

So long brother.




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One Response to “Alan Martin”

  1. rjmac said:

    god bless.

    As soon as I saw his name I had full-recall of his performance as Pilate in the L.A. “JC Superstar”.

    Life goes on, we’re all passing through. Nice that some do leave sparkles in their trail.


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