About posting photos to the Blog – PLEASE READ

Hello Lyle, Roxanne, and all,

It is wonderful that you are sharing Roxanne’s great photos of the LA reunion with the group, and it is great to see the enthusiastic response. It also gives me a perfect opportunity to discuss the use of photos in our blog postings, and the new Blog FAQ being unveiled today!

I will post the entire FAQ, along with info on how to access it when you need it, later this morning. However these reunion photos give me the perfect opportunity to discuss the new rules regarding posting of photos on the blog, and the reasons for them. The FAQ states the following regarding adding photos to you posts:

“We ask that you do not upload photos any larger than 100K without permission from the moderator or Michael Butler. Large photos will eventually be taken off the server, so will not remain in archived posts indefinitely.

The reasons for this are that the costs of running a web site are tied to the amount of server space you take up, as well as the amount of data transferred. All of these wonderful photos of the LA reunion are already on line at The Archives web site, in the Alumni section, along with other photos of the LA reunion taken by Gar MacRae, Tish Diskin, Jennifer Warnes, and coming this week a batch taken by Jess Marciel. The reason Michael prefers that we put them up at the Archives web site, rather than here, is that I can work through them first in a graphics program, making them smaller in file size with no loss of quality, so that the size of the space MB is taking up on the server is less, helping us keep fees lower. For instance, the photos posted here on the blog total over 28MB, and they are duplicating photos already on the server, in a different location, in a smaller file form (less than 1 MB).

I encourage everyone to go to the Alumni section of the Archives web site and take a look at all of the reunion photos there (and as Zenobia requested, we do try to caption them all – all help with this joyfully accepted! And for the LA reunion I need the help!) You can access the Alumni section directly with this link:

I will leave these photos here for a few days, as it’s so nice to see them, and people are obviously enjoying them. But I encourage everyone to go see them and the others on the archives web site, as I must soon take these down from the blog and off the server. Thanks Lyle for the enthusiasm, and all of the work it must have taken you to scan them. Clearly there is a desire for this type of sharing here – I would love any suggestions. Would it be helpful if I posted here when I add photos to the Alumni section to let people know?

Again, thanks! And look for the full FAQ coming soon.

Love, Nina



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3 Responses to “About posting photos to the Blog – PLEASE READ”

  1. JooleeWMcKay said:


    You make a solid case about posting photographs.

    …quite informative, too. And I appreciate that you passed a THANK YOU on to Lyle K’ang.

    I know he worked a long, long weekend day to put the photographs together — as a loving gesture (what we call Aloha in Hawai’i) — a breath of life and love for Roxanne.

    Thanks for all you continue to do for all us.

    Julie (Winn) McKay
    Las Vegas

  2. Nina said:

    Thanks again Julie.

    How could anyone not thank Lyle for the wonderful and obviously hard work he did to share those photos with us! I feel badly that we will have to take them down, and wanted to be sure that Lyle knew that we appreciated his work and the generosity of spirit with which they were shared. Thanks and love, Lyle!

  3. Doris said:

    Hi Nina,

    Yes, it would be great if you would announce on this Blog whenever you post new material of any kind on the Archives. I’d love to see captions as well, so hopefully people who can will help with that!

    thanks, Doris

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