A New Book About HAIR

We are going to the PUBLISHERS and NEED your help!

We need your comments…


. . . basically the same questions, except for all the ones specific to being a member of  cast’/crew/band)

Thank you for your time…

This interview will last only 15 minutes – max – (unless you have more time and want to embellish
your answers…. [which we don’t mind] ). . .

{{Please feel free to write about your memories of HAiR with us, if I have included you. You could be from another tribe, a newspaper man, a casino boss, an usher, etc. I respect your opinion and information.}}


“My memory of HAiR, was that I belonged to an incredible show; however, most of you know, we were being watched in las vegas. we had drunks in the theatre and we had fights in the front of the theatre. we had armed police (swat teams) surrounding the sides, inside the theatre. yet, we were supposed to go on, like nothing was happening…” lyle k’ang

I know you remember many stories and the details!

The authors are Lyle K’ang and Julie Winn-McKay.

We are on the finale stages of our book, which I started about 20 years ago.

I could not finish it until I called out for help on Michael Butler’s Blog – Julie answered and she said, she was willing to help, but only if we finished it!

Together in different cities, she in Las Vegas and I in Yakima, and by using the Internet, we have worked for a year and a half to finally see the end goal.

This book will be ready for the publishers very soon and we need your comments. This is not any body’s comments – it is yours, the one and only,

Pakalolo Tribe in Las Vegas – that’s it!!

[ Feel free to talk about anything that comes to mind. We will respect
your wish to keep certain information confidential or ‘off the record’ if

that is your choice. Once, however, this interview is finished and recorded,

please don’t ask for other censoring of your answers (((except in very

special circumstances)))))

[ If you have a brainstorm later and want to add something to your
answers, call anytime (TOLL FREE: 866 888-9668)

[Â Yes, we welcome your submission of any photographs or other materials.
If they are used, you will be credited

[ Yes, Yes, Yes. Any leads to other potential interview subjects are welcome ((cast, crew, musicians, management, fans))

talk or write a little about the first time you saw HAiR:

. . . .when and where?

did you know anything about the show before seeing it?

. . .if YES was the show what you expected?

do you remember a character, song or situation that made you strongly . . JOYFUL/HOPEFUL, SAD, ANGRY, PEACEFUL, EMBARRASSED (OTHER)?

did you relate to what was happening on stage?

The the first time you saw HAiR were you shocked, outraged or encouraged by: Draft card burning / the ‘treatment’ of the American flag/ racial and gender references and-or stereotyping/ the use of the word ‘fuck’ and other strong language / the pro sex, free love and drug messages/ the show’s obvious statement(s) against the Vietnam War, LBJ. Tricky Dick etc,/ the nude scene / what happens to Claude at the end ???/ what the audience was or was not reacting to. . . anything else???

Did you go onto the stage at the end?

What thoughts did you have – if any – in the days after first seeing the show?

Did HAiR in change your life or the lives of anyone you know?

((if a cast member))….why did you audition?

Did you feel that you were spreading a positive message about peace and love when you were on stage? Offstage?

Was it difficult for you to contend with the show’s side show?. . .(i.e. constant in-your-face police presence and surveillance, drunk and/or rude audience members, deliberate acts of violence against cast or family / general comments and reactions from people who had not seen the HAiR..or from those who had/ the toll it took on voice and body (and extraordinary risk pay [$14 a week???],being away from family, friends & home/ the stark differences between Hawai’i and Las Vegas [[for Pakalolo Tribe members]]/ other????)

This is a final request for your input – we need you!!!!
Do not put this off!

We thank you for your consideration and we look forward to your heartfelt additions.

Keep In Touch !!!

Lyle K’ang
Before 3003 – Peace and Tranquility



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5 Responses to “A New Book About HAIR”

  1. Anita Krpan said:

    Hello Lyle and Julie! (Cheeeeez, this is like a flashback. . . . .)

    Is this JUST for the Las Vegas Pakalolo tribe?
    I got a little confused.

    If it’s open to everyone, I’ve always got something to say!


  2. barbara siomos said:

    I also ask is it only for Las Vegas tribe?

    barbara DiSalvia Siomos

  3. Helene said:

    I had the pleasure of being part of a National Tour (Rock Talent Productions), in the mid 70s, first as a Tribe member and later as Jeanie.

    In addition to the fact that it was a super goosey gassy freaky outy turny on-ey experience, I truly feel that I got more and better education on tour with HAiR than I did in 12 years of Catholic education. I consider HAiR not just a highlight of my life and my career, but my Alma Mater. I go to see every production possible, participate in panel discussions and Q&A sessions, and I traveled from NJ to San Francisco to be a part of the reunion performance at Golden Gate Park on September 2, 2007. I believe the message of HAiR is more relevant now than ever.

    I watched the film version of HAiR recently with my 4 year old granddaughter and 2 year old grandson. They loved it! Afterwards, my granddaughter had a lot of questions and curiosity. I answered and explained as best as I could. She responded by announcing that she wants to be a hippie, “’cause hippies are good and fun, and kind to the earth and each other”.

    I have a personal, funny HAiR story, with regard to my solo nude scene in Huntsville, Alabama, which was featured in another book “Good Hair Days”. If you feel that a funny story would be appropriate for your book, I’ll be happy to give the details.

    I currently make my living as a CHER impersonator. If you’d like, please view my web site: http://www.almostcher.com

    From “HAiR” to “CHER” – life is great!

    Peace and Love to all –

    Helene A. Masiko-Crews
    (nee Morrison)

  4. Lyle said:

    Sorry guys for the overdue reply…I never go here anymore – don’t ask why – don’t know. I forgot my password…saw the link and comments while googling, tried my password, several times – walla! I’m in.

    Okay – answer to each of your questions Anita and Barbara. Yes – this round is for the Las Vegas Tribe – however, the next book is ‘xxxyxyxyx: On TOUR’. So, this is where you come in.

    This first one is set for June-August, 2008; the second, ‘ON TOUR’ is set for 2009-10. We have all the material but not enough time in the day.

    At first it was the funding, but now we have a generous publisher – we are setting the deal in concrete this week; April 30, 2008.

    We would love your responses and they will be featured – if you get them in now, (first-come-first-served) we won’t have to worry about you dying or leaving the planet – you will still be credited, however, if Julie or myself go off to join either of you – we’ll talk about the good ‘ol days up there. I sitteth on the left – always on the left.

    Yes- Please give your utmost attention to this – the length, don’t worry about it – we’ll take care of it.

    Again – I have not been here for over a year, sorry.

    Too make it easy, attach word.docs and send to:
    Lyle@Lylemyway.com or

    Really happy to see your names again – yes – it is a rush – ‘like a flashback’.

    Peace is Overdue –

  5. CorinneAct said:

    Do you want us to post them here or send them to you personally.

    Oh, do I have Vegas stories…LOL
    Do you want to include Rainbow on the Road?

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