A Look Back at the March on the Pentagon (and some HAiR alumni trivia)

“The mood was happy. I’d never seen so many hippies and lefties in one place,” says Dave Lindorff, then a freshman at Wesleyan, now author of The Case For Impeachment. “When we got to the parking lots, everyone just broke for the Pentagon and started running. Being a track guy, I got to the front and we ran up these stone stairs to an elevated mall area where there were thousands of soldiers with bayonets. They fell back and blocked the doors to the building, so they were clearly under orders not to kill us. It was incredibly exhilarating, like we’d just stormed the Winter Palace in 1905. You could see the generals on top of the building looking worried.”

Meanwhile in one of the parking lots, the Yippies had parked a flatbed truck with a sound system, and Ed Sanders of the Fugs was presiding over a highly stylized exorcism. Invoking every god from Anubis to Zoroaster as the crowd chanted “Out demons out! Out demons out!” Sanders commanded the Pentagon/pentagram at the center of the American empire to levitate by ten feet and Satan to leave its premises.

“We had also rented an airplane that was supposed to drop a bunch of daisies on the Pentagon, but it was never allowed to take off,” says Sanders. “We still had most of the daisies, so after the exorcism, we distributed them to the crowd, went up to all these nervous young soldiers and put flowers in the barrels of their guns.”

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There’s a picture of Walter Michael Harris’ brother George putting a daisy in a soldiers rifle at this link (scroll down a bit)



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  1. Nina Dayton said:

    And right above that photo of George Harris (later Hibiscus) on the Cafe Cino page, is a photo of him with his younger brother Walter Michael, he of What A Piece of Work is Man fame. 🙂

    Thanks very much, Mike, for posting this. Great stuff!!

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