a good playlist

I got the idea of this from Sean Courtney’s post on the list sometime in May

 What would be a good play list if you were putting a compilation of Hair albums together? I would put:


Opening [Off Broadway CD]

Intro Music [German 1970 Live]

Aquarius [Broadway cast 1968]

Donna [Broadway]

Hashish [Vienna 2001]

Sodomy [Vienna 2001]

Colored Spade [Mexico 1968]

Manchester [Broadway 1968]

I’m Black [German 1970 Live]

Ain’t Got No [Broadway 1968]

Dead End [Argentina 1971- those Argentines ROCKED!]

Sheila Franklin/ I Believe In Love [London 1970]

Writing on The Wall [DisinHAIRited I love this even though its dropped]

The Rally [Mexico 1968]

Ain’t Got No Grass [Mexico 1968]

Air [Vienna 2001]

I Dig [DisinHAIRited I love this song, I’d have to put it in]

Initials [Argentina 1971 I love that album!]

Party Music [Movie Soundtrack]

I Got Life [Broadway 1968]

Going Down [Mexico 1968]

Hair [German Live 1970]

My Conviction [German 1970 Live- It’s hilarious on this album!]

Easy To Be Hard [German 1970 Live]

Red White and Blue [German 1968]

Frank Mills [German 1968]
Hare Krishna [German 1968]
Where Do I Go [London 1970]

Old Fashioned Melody [Broadway 1968]

Electric Blues [Movie Soundtrack]

Oh Great God of Power/Aquarius Medley [German Live 1970]

Micky Jagger [Norway 2000- I know its really just dialogue but I love it]

Black Boys [Argentina 1971]

White Boys [Australia 1992]

Emancipation [Mexico 1968]

Yes, I’s Finished [Live German 1970]

Fourscore/Abie Baby [Broadway 1968]

3500 [London 1970]

What a Piece of Work is Man [I’d have to pick three versions- Broadway, Argentina 1971, and Mexico 1968]

How Dare They Try [German Live 1970]

Good Morning Starshine [Vienna 2001]

Oh The Bed [German Live 1970]

Ain’t Got No/Eyes Look Your Last [London 1970]

Manchester [Broadway 1968]

Let The Sun Shine In [German 1968]




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3 Responses to “a good playlist”

  1. LilacAmy11 said:

    What an awesome CD that would make! Someone should make it happen:)


  2. Gibson DelGiudice said:

    I’ll get right on it. I’ll include additional stuff from track lists Randy Bowser made of CDs he used for band and singing rehearsals, because I know there’s more musical material to the show than can be heard from this list.

  3. Nina said:

    Hey folks,

    Just like the MB-Hair List, since this blog is owned by Michael Butler and is a public forum, we really cannot discuss bootlegs here, as it makes it appear that Michael supports bootlegs, which he does not.

    Fine to talk about a dream set list; not so fine to talk about making it a reality.

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