Richard Osorio

This sad news just in from MB:

All of HAIR has a great friend who is very, very ill. Richard was our very first general manager. He became a great friend of mine. All who were in the original tribes of HAIR will remember him well.
Such a pleasant, accomplished, attractive man. Because of him HAIR happened.
Richard and Cara (our first office manager) have just been married. Together for thirteen years.

Peace and Love



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  1. barbara siomos said:

    This is very very sad news. Richard and Cara found each other again 13 years ago after having known each other previously through HAiR in LA and NY around 68 or 67. (please correct the year if I am wrong)

    What a great LOVE story as well as a great pair of human beings who love traveling as well as each other.

    I love you Cara and Richard.

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