HAIR song in a movie

Just watched the movie Bobby and in it, “Initials” is played (during some of the characters’ acid trip) – I love it when HAIR pops up in unexpected places like that:)

 Also, a pretty good movie (dragged in some spots) and good historical piece showcasing that era. Since I wasn’t alive in the late 60s, seeing things like that help me to understand the impact that HAIR must have had and puts it in a better context for me. I mean, obviously, I know about those events, and I know about the topics of and general feelings of the era and the impact of HAIR, etc., but this movie did a good job of showing the human element of such events, in a sort of “slice of life” way, which makes me realize even more that the message of HAIR was depersately needed and just how revolutionary it was. Maybe I’m not doing a good job explaining myself:) I hope that makes sense.



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