SEARCHING for cast members from till pollas tour 1983 to 1984




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8 Responses to “1984 EUROPEAN TOUR ALUMNI”

  1. Mike Blaxill said:

    was sherwin “ace” ross on that one?

  2. SHIELAPARIS1984 said:

    not familiar with the nick name
    maybe another alias?
    what role?

  3. Mike Blaxill said:

    Hey Sheila
    just checked his website – http://www.aceross.com/ActingResume.htm – he was Berger in the 1990 national tour

    was Jim Rado involved with the till pollas tour?

  4. Nina Dayton said:

    Was the tour you were on the one directed by Jim Rado/Joe Donovan or the one directed by Steven Smeltzer, or yet another? The Broadway Musical Company? Tell me a little more about the tour and I will check the alumni database and see what I can come up with.

  5. SHIELAPARIS1984 said:

    Bob berkson dir after billfabris dance captain vanessa wiliams actress joined in fall
    she has appeared on film new jack city, i think also on fox on 90201 series
    juliana gister crissy , shiela,
    scott riedel berger
    any leads otherwise?

  6. SHIELAPARIS1984 said:

    if anyone was in paris in 84 i had a record
    why paris realeased in vinal top 10 sam bernett musidisc jackie prevot producer . michel berger lyrics
    under the name daryl
    staqe name daryl perrier

  7. EuroMead said:

    Hey Daryl Perrier! Are you still checking this site? Have any other of the 1983 or 1984 Alumni responded? I’m sure I could get a couple of names and addresses. I bump into several every once in a while. I have a list packed away somewhere. Some of my fondest memories. – Bill Fabris

  8. armin said:


    after finding today an old program of the 83├é┬┤european tour of Hair I found this thread searching the I-net. I was stage manager those days and its interesting that after all that years people are interested in. Greetings from Munich – Armin

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