[Mb-hair] Re: intensive project ~ To: Robin

Barbara Siomos barbarasiomos38 at webtv.net
Wed Jan 5 10:41:19 PST 2005

Dauber.... I need a CD, I have a brand new LP played maybe 1 or 2 times
in NYC but I have NO turntable (actually have one but no speakers to
hook up to it).

Can you make a CD for me and I will send you what ever the cost?

Thank you...
>From: Dauber <dauber at banana-and-louie.org> 
>To: mb-hair at islandlists.com 
>Date: Tue, Jan 4, 2005, 10:58pm

michael at michaelbutler.com writes: 
Jonathon might have a CD of "Divine HAIR" Michael 

At some time, someone on this list had a copy because I have a copy on
tape from someone.... 
I can help; who needs it?? I lost the message...I have a very clean
vinyl copy I can dump to CD... 
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