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Hey Robin...

Why don't you tell Andrew that great story about Madison Square Garden
when the tribe did a show there.... I forget the total story B-U-T do
remember it was great.... :-)


ps: Andrew... Robin McNamara is on this list and was in the show on
>Date: Sun, Jan 2, 2005, 6:14pm 
>From: akeating at wagner.edu 
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>Subject: [Mb-hair] intensive project 

hi nina, i was the one who has posted the message on the listings.
michael had suggested it to me, and i finally got around to it. i had
spoken to you a few times before about the archives, and soon enough, i
will be speaking to you about my use of some of the pictures from, as we
had previously spoken. for the first phase of my project, i received the
highest grade in my class of 40, so as of now, we are doing great!
right now i have interview transcripts from my interviews with tom
o'horgan, michael butler and galt macdermot. i am working on the one
from jim rado, though my handwriting is a little scratchy. haha. i'd
like to thank everybody for their help and contributions. i will be
calling and emailing people soon with the few questions i have about the
as for what my purpose is...my professor Dr. Felicia Ruff at Wagner
College asked me to "go out and find cool stuff" about the show. I
figured, what's cooler than the people themselves?! (Tom O'Horgan
claimed there were a lot of answers to that question!) That's where I
got the idea to hunt people down and interview them. Don't worry, i'm
not out to deface anybody. I'm simply looking for first-hand
recollections of everything.
So if you guys know of people who I should get into contact with, or
would know how I could do so, I have no particular goal other than to
find all of the first hand material that I can. I work over the phone,
in person, through email. Anything that fits to what you guys would like
to do. Again, my phone number is 718-390-9174. I am out for most of the
day, trying to pay off next semester, but am usually around in the
evenings. Thank you again for all of your help!

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