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Hi My name is Sherwin Ross, I was lucky to win the role of Berger in 1989 on
the National 20th anniversary tour out of New York City.

When I was studying my role of Berger for the 20th anniversary tour, I was
invited by Pepe Castro, to stay at his home for two weeks. He  preformed
every role right in front of my eyes and sang every song, he can tell every
story to be told...........You should create the possibility of googling him
and meeting with him.....I truly promise it will be an experience you will
never forget. He truly coached me in the most beautiful giving way that
enabled me to create a pure and real Berger.

I also recommend Robert Camuto and Sally Eaton who staged the production I
was in. They are "Hair". 

May I be so humble as to ask, why are you researching "Hair" and what your
intentions are?

Happy New Year and I look forward to hearing your purpose, outcome and

Sherwin Berger Ross

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Andrew, I had many friends in the Broadway production and worked in the
concession at the theatre where Hair was playing for a while. In addition,
the Archives has a great deal of material that is not online at the web
site, so feel free to email me at dayton3 at rcn.com and let me know how I can

Perhaps you can tell us all what specifically you are researching. There are
many here who can help you, and I am sure we would all find it interesting.

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>Hi everybody.  My name is Andrew Keating.  I am a student at Wagner 
>College on Staten Island.  I am doing intensive research on Hair, and 
>have recently done interviews with Galt MacDermot, Michael Butler, Tom 
>O'Horgan and Jim Rado.
>Michael sent me to these listings, with the hopes that I might find as 
>much information as I possibly could.  If there is anybody who was 
>involved with the original productions in '67-'68, please let me know.  
>I'd appreciate any help that might be available.  You can reach me by 
>email at akeating at wagner.edu, or you can call me at (718)390-9174.  
>Thank you very much.
>Andrew Keating
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