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Sun Jan 2 11:00:25 PST 2005

Andrew, I had many friends in the Broadway production and worked in the 
concession at the theatre where Hair was playing for a while. In addition, 
the Archives has a great deal of material that is not online at the web 
site, so feel free to email me at dayton3 at rcn.com and let me know how I can 

Perhaps you can tell us all what specifically you are researching. There are 
many here who can help you, and I am sure we would all find it interesting.

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>Subject: [Mb-hair] Intensive Research Project
>Date: Sun,  2 Jan 2005 00:06:15 -0500
>Hi everybody.  My name is Andrew Keating.  I am a student at Wagner College 
>Staten Island.  I am doing intensive research on Hair, and have recently 
>interviews with Galt MacDermot, Michael Butler, Tom O'Horgan and Jim Rado.
>Michael sent me to these listings, with the hopes that I might find as much
>information as I possibly could.  If there is anybody who was involved with
>the original productions in '67-'68, please let me know.  I'd appreciate 
>help that might be available.  You can reach me by email at
>akeating at wagner.edu, or you can call me at (718)390-9174.  Thank you very 
>Andrew Keating
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