[Mb-hair] God Said It......

Lyle K'ang lyve at netzero.com
Wed Aug 17 20:47:12 PDT 2005

One can also believe that we have not grown up enough, yet to understand 
the true mind of man. We have cutoff our growth spurt by relaxing our vigil, by 
damning our souls and attaching shortcoming's on everything else.

We don't understand ourselves, let alone a 'God'. We pretend to know about him 
and of him. With this type of logic-we can't imagine nor comprehend that the 
Bible is not correct. If we understand the Bible's limitations because of 
translations and truths; we are most vunerable and many go to the extremes of 
thought. Extremists in religious thought can be somewhat confusing-just look at 
what our world has produced with the extreme left and right for any country.

How about the fact that we have yet to experience...experience. 
I don't understand GOD and do not ever profess to know HIM.
I don't understand HIS powers nor HIS opposite, who is also extreme yet most 
powerful. IS GOD extreme? IS SATAN extreme?

Some accept the knowledge that the Earth has changed from its conception and is 
basically OUR HELL here on Earth...We don't have enough knowledge to understand 
the duality or do we want too. Yet, some try to understand and that is GOOD.

Trying to understand and accept that there in a whole, produces two identical 
halves with different makeup and plans. One has an agenda  which most arrogant 
people seem to know deeply. The other, almost a brother, has an agenda likened 
to the first and a few know of him and profess to know HIM also-this can be 
equated also to arrognace.

So what do these two beings (material formed of particulate matter-a.k.a. cosmic 
void? Or do they exist in another material form or entity? Who knows-can we see 
them? Who touches us? Did the finger of GOD touch me or was it my departed 

Clearly, this has an end; one must acknowledge the other half in all faiths, 
beliefs and thought. Never mind what you call them or however close you may feel 
to either side, you still don't know-no matter who you are...we are thrown ( 
many say they chose to come, others say its destiny) here together, to 
normalize, to standardize, to conjecture and actually earnestly endevor to make 
sense out of it all.

Whether there is or there isn't, is not the question nor answer. The point of 
this discussion was to show myself and you, the reader, that we have yet to 
evolve in understanding. Many of us have been blessed through history, 
especially the '60's-which actually gives us several points more than those that 
try to negate that era as wasteful and essentially non-growth (spiritual). 
What's with the point system?

In earnest, you and I are trying, but we stumble along the way, however noble. 
That is GOOD!

Lyle K'ang, MBA/IM 

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