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> Sporadic and violent clashes rock center of Tehran
> SMCCDI (Information Service)
> September 26, 2004
> Sporadic and often violent clashes rocked, this evening,
> several areas of the Iranian Capital and some of the main
> provincial cities, as, few thousands of residents gathered
> to celebrate the "Mehr ritual" inherited from Iran's
> ancient legacy and qualified by the Islamist clerics as
> "Pagan".
> The demonstrators defied the official injunctions by
> dancing, chanting and shouting slogans against the Islamic
> regime, its Islamist ideology and called for the freedom of
> the country.
> Regime's special troops, composed by hundreds of foreign
> mercenaries, moved on the crowd in front of Tehran
> University, Vali-e-Asr, Vanak, Mirdamad, Tehran Pars,
> Enghelab and Azadi squares by, in some occasions, beating
> with heavy clubs and firing tear gas and plastic bullets.
> Tens have been reported as injured or arrested. The
> traditional security force members, such as LEF, stayed
> afar and in some cases some of them were seen helping
> demonstrators aggressed by plainclothes men.
> Many angry demonstrators, especially young, retaliated to
> the regime forces' brutality by throwing pieces of stones
> and hand made incendiary devices wounding several
> militiamen and damaging patrol cars and official buildings.
> Heavy popularly initiated traffic jams created more
> problems for the security forces to deploy more personnel.
> Reports from cities, such as, Hamadan, Esfahan and Shiraz
> are also concordant with news from the Capital.
> Sporadic demos and clashes are still going on in several
> areas of the capital by the start of the night and slogans
> are heard shouted from roofs.
> These gathering have taken place following calls made by a
> controversial individual, named Ahura (Fatollah) Yazdi and
> living in the US, who has reached many Iranians in the last
> months via his spiritual programs broadcasted by a
> satellite TV. Iranians who have been deceived by the
> traditional opposition and the regime's so-called
> reformists seems to be turning toward anyone who can
> enlighten hope of better future in them.
> Yazdi's under some sharp criticisms for some aspects of his
> past and some astonishing claims, such as, it was him who
> advised the late Ronald Reagan and helped him in order to
> bring down the former Soviet Union. He claims publicly that
> his mission in Soviet Union was much easier as the Russians
> were familiar with the book of Nostradamus and that the
> 14th century psychic had predicted Yazdi's arise. Most
> Iranian opponents believe that Yazdi's claims and his
> impossible promises, such as of a very future return to
> Iran in less than 5 days, are very unproductive and that
> they'll contribute more to the Iranians increasing
> deception while undermining a real program targeting the
> overthrown of the Islamic regime.
> What ever Yazdi could have been or what he's, the fact is
> that his daily televised speeches, on the need of bringing
> back some of Ancient Iran's principles of friendship,
> trueness, peace, liberty and freedom have reached millions
> of minds tired by quarter of a century of Islamist rule.
> The Ancient Iran's principles were dissoluted by the brutal
> and bloody Islamic invasion of 7th century which forced
> many of the Iranians of that time to convert to Islam in
> order to have their lives safe.
> The huge popular participation of today seems to have
> already acted as a wake up call for many elements and
> declared leaders of the traditional opposition. Many of
> Yazdi's critics have started to publicly support what has
> happened today by separating the Iranians' aspirations and
> actions from the caller of rally. Talks have already
> started on what to do with this new phenomenon and the
> measures to adopt in order to support the Iranians in their
> legitimate aspirations of freedom and ending the
> Mullahcracy. 
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