[Mb-civic] Bush Sign Goes Down!

Edward A.Puckett blackguard at voltaic.com
Mon Sep 27 14:19:53 PDT 2004

Dear Group,

I live in Santa Fe, and enjoy a fairly liberal population here.  There 
are, understandably, many Kerry and other non-Bush stickers on cars, 
along with "Defend America, Defeat Bush" and "No War" and so forth.  
Occasionally, you'll see an (offensive) Bush sign, but it has been at a 
fairly manageable level.

Until Saturday night.  I was leaving my house in a suburban section of 
town, and at the end of a the street, at a busy intersection, was a 
horrifying sight.  It was a humongous "Viva Bush" sign (what an 
oxymoron -- viva refers to life) attached to a fence around someone's 
yard.  I had a sick feeling.  It was just as if I'd just come across 
the carcass of some large animal by the side of the road, or as if had 
seen a pack of rats.  In fact, I couldn't have been more upset if 
someone painted a swastika on that fence.

I spent the weekend thinking about ways to get rid of that sign.  
Should I go talk to the people?  Should I invest in a paintball gun???  
I had finally decided on the more constructive approach: call the 
zoning commission and see if the sign could be eliminated in that way.

Well, as I left my house today, I saw a wonderful sign.  A sign that 
made my heart sing and brought hope.

The Bush placard had been torn down, thrown unceremoniously on the 
ground, along with the whole section of fence to which it had been 
attached.  What a wonderful sign!  Vive la Difference!

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