[Mb-civic] Yes... But Where Are The Lawsuits...?

Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Fri Sep 24 00:17:07 PDT 2004

Yes...  But Where Are The Lawsuits...?

Ok...  sure...  I hear ya...

I hear Michael Moore, I hear Kerry, I hear Congressmen from both sides, I 
hear America, I hear a huge proportion of world opinion, I hear experts in 
all kinds of fields, I hear the people on the street...

You're all bitchin'.......

You're all describing this travesty of inequity, injustice, death, and 
basic treason, *ETC* that has caused so many people to be buried for a bag 
of lies told by "The People At The Top" of our own little organization we 
have going here we sometimes refer to as America.

But where are the fuckin' lawsuits...?


Sit down beotch and explain it to me.

You're all bitchin', you got a whole mess of people from all sides now 
screaming out things that under other circumstances, and perhaps in other 
times, America would just skip trials and just go to firing squads.

Even semi-functional things like the 911 Commission has come out pointin' 
the finger and rambling off a huge list of accusations as the current 
"People At The Top".

And provided historical minute to minute documentation of it.

So where are the fucking lawsuits then........????

You got people screwing up majorly left and right almost throughout our 
entire government causing huge amounts of deaths for the wrong reasons 
which has only made "Terrorism" stronger and done it all with a bunch of 
lies and gestapo-like tactics, classifying and stamping "Top Secret" or 
something every piece of actual evidence as they go along the line.

And you're printing it, now and then, in the American Press.

And you're talking about it on the floor of the Senate of this United 
States of America.

And the world is lining up against you.

But nobody's heads are rolling.

There are no lawsuits.

There are no trials.

I don't see why there aren't any lawsuits and no fucking trials.

You're all accusing these current "People At The Top" of basically 
betraying their country.

And you're doing it In Public.

Is there some rule that lawsuits and trials have to wait until "After The 

If you're spouting all this In Public, then you must surely have all the 
evidence to back it up.

Is there suddenly some rule that says America can't sue their Leader and 
"The People At The Top" for lies, deaths, more deaths, the actual expansion 
of "Terrorism's" cause and enlistment rolls, more deaths, the bankruptcy of 
our economic present and future, my...  that list *does* just go on and on 
and on, but the word "Treason" is still stuck in there no matter how thinly 
one slices the dough around the table.

They have betrayed their country of America.

And, yes, in doing so (that, among so many other horrible things) they have 
actually made the world a less safe place to live in since 911.

All so true.  Etc etc etc blah blah blah yada yada yada....



For cripes sake, LOL......

Just think for a second....

Half of America or so sat glued to our television sets when that president 
Bill Clinton was almost IMPEACHED for just getting a blow job in The Oval 


Where are the lawsuits now in the face of all THIS so many people are 
chattering about all over the world these days which has caused innumerable 
deaths, immeasurable suffering, and actually managed to make Earth itself 
less safe to live in since 911, and bankrupted us in the process.....?

Where are the fucking Impeachments.....?

Bring on the g*dd*mn lawsuits, bring on the impeachments, bring on THE 

If some guy in the Presidency can get almost Impeached for getting head in 
the Oval Office, then in the face of ALL THIS CRAP currently going on, I 


I know a guy named Harry, from the Bronx, uh, maybe it was Brooklyn, I 
forget, anyway this guy can sue the living shit out of them and they won't 
know what hit 'em till their heads stop spinning........!!!!!

Really, yak yak yak about it all day.

Either stop yakking about it and bring on the fucking lawsuits, 
impeachments, trials etc, or get the fuck out of the way.

If I have to, I'll look up Harry, then you'll all have to sit on the 
sidelines with egg on your face.  But I'm kinda busy now, so either get it 
in gear or get off the pot.  This car ain't goin' nowhere without some Justice.

Thank you bery much...  (Lotka)



- Where has the sparrow gone now that I need its song.

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