[Mb-civic] FW: Iraneman.net - a must see

Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Thu Sep 16 13:03:13 PDT 2004

Re:  FW: Iraneman.net - a must see

Golsorkhi wrote:

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I can not read that.

There is nothing there on my screen.

I use The Internet, go to the MB Archives, and click on posts to see them.

If people send ATTACHMENTS in any form, html .gif .obj .etc, they are 
SCRUBBED, removed, from the post, by This List's software (probably for a 
very good reason) and the above is all that is viewable on my screen.

PLAIN TEXT, not sent in ATTACHMENTS, works fine every time.

If people can or will, please consider posting things everyone can read, 
don't use Attachments which wind up being deleted by the List, and if you 
don't want to or can't put up the entire article, at least put up a website 
address, not in an Attachment, which leads to the article so the rest of us 
can read it.

Again, this List scrubs ATTACHMENTS, of all kinds, html obj gif jpg etc, 
please consider that when you post as, again, the above message is all that 
shows up on my screen on The Internet at the MB Archives.

Thank you ahead of time, again.


- Where has the sparrow gone now that I need its song.

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