[Mb-civic] A Democratic World Is No Neocon Folly

Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Thu Sep 16 12:37:58 PDT 2004

Re:  A Democratic World Is No Neocon Folly

Max Boot wrote:

Paul Wolfowitz couldn't have said it better. Of course, even admitting that
democracy promotion is in U.S. interests, there will be differences over how to
go about it. Anyone not on the administration's payroll would concede that its
performance has been far from flawless. But President Bush is on the right 
track because he recognizes the democracy imperative that too many of his 
critics unfairly dismiss as neocon nuttiness.

Who is Max Boot..?  I don't know.  I don't care.  I'm sure he's a real nice 
person who loves his family etc etc etc.

It's just that he has his head so far up the Republican Party's ass that I 
can't tell where his typewriter ends and their mouths begin.

He rambles on in that article about Freedom this Democracy that, which 
wasn't too shabby, however then in the last paragraph he has the balls to 
throw his *opinion* in that "Bush is on the right track with this 
'Democracy In The Middle East' stuff".

Which is basically one of the biggest Lies that this Administration has 
come out with to begin with.

Which makes Max Boot nothing more than either a puppet or just a parrot 
echoing his masters' propaganda.

Much of the entire world is gradually reaching the unanimous conclusion 
that Bush (and Gang) is just about the worst thing they have seen in a long 
time coming out of America.

Which logically makes them one of the worst things "Democracy" has ever had 
to take up the butt.

Anyone using Bush's name in any form of positive reinforcement with the 
word "Democracy" is either a fool, a puppet, a parrot, a propagandist, an 
idiot, or just completely uninformed.

Democracy was the furthest thing from Bush's mind when he invaded Iraq, and 
it continues to be the furthest thing from his mind even today as even our 
own Military leaders are coming out saying the entire Iraq war is screwed, 
blued, and tattooed.

Plus, we went in there for OIL, and to set up strategic military bases to 
guard the OIL, not to "Bring Freedom and Democracy to The Middle East".

That's not hearsay anymore, Max.

Now we're stuck in there with 150,000 American Troops, winding up fostering 
more Real Terrorism than bin-Laden could have ever hoped for in his lifetime.

But let's just break down the last sentence of Max's article, simply by 
rearranging the same words he wrote:

" *Too* many of Bush's Critics unfairly dismiss his recognition of 'The 
Democracy Imperative' in the Middle East as neo-con nuttiness, which puts 
Bush on The Right Track and his Critics up shit creek without a paddle."

1.  Fuck Bush, he's a traitor and an asshole, so are the people who 
surround him.

2.  Bush cares absolutely nothing for Democracy either in The Middle East 
nor in America itself.

3.  Fuck the neo-cons, and what they devastatingly "do" and have thus far 
accomplished "In The Name Of America And Democracy" I would not be so 
whimsical as to flatteringly describe it as "nuttiness", sounds like a 
candy bar, Max.

4.  Bush is NOT on the "Right Track" about just about anything, and that 
makes you an ass for presuming such and printing it as such, Max.

5.  What a person "recognizes", or rather gets up in front of the lame 
American Media and propagandasizes that he "recognizes", means absolutely 
nothing these days in the face of the actual actions they take beyond their 
"recognizations", Max.

6.  Bush's (and Gang's) =actions=, Max, have subsequently proven beyond a 
shadow of doubt that he has no interest *whatsoever* in promoting Freedom, 
Democracy, Liberty, Truth, Equality, nor Justice either abroad nor here in 
America.  All that is "The Cover Story", Max.  Try to wake up a little.

7.  If you keep writing that kind of shit, I'm going to have to take you 
down a peg.

8.  If you use the Barney The Purple Dinosaur word "nuttiness" to once more 
describe the anti-Democracy anti-Freedom anti-Truth anti-Equality 
anti-Justice death, destruction, and disaster that has thus far emanated 
from the "Neo-Con's" camp, I'm just going to have to have you reassigned to 
Milwaukee or somewhere until you come back to your senses.

Just remember, Max, when it all comes right down to it, I love you, you 
love me, we're one big happy family, no matter how many people our 
"nuttiness" happens to slaughter.

Have a drink on me.  You need it.


- Where has the sparrow gone now that I need its song.

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